McConnell on Trump: "We Haven't Had Any Disputes In A While And I Have Enjoyed This Period"


FOX Business Network's Neil Cavuto interviews Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell about tax cuts, Russia, special counsel Robert Mueller, midterm elections, and his relationship with President Trump. McConnell said he has "enjoyed" the period where he has not had any disputes with the president or been the target of his ire.

McConnell did have some praise for Trump, calling him an "asset" for Republican candidates for Senate in some states.

Transcript, via FNC:

CAVUTO: So, when you put you up on a bullseye and say, you are the reason this stuff isn't getting done, and even months back, when the president was zinging you, did that hurt?

MCCONNELL: Well, I just remind everybody of Neil Gorsuch and the fact that we confirmed 12 circuit judges last year, U.S. circuit judges. That's a record for the first year of any president since the circuit court systems were created in 1891.

Match that in terms of having a long-term impact on the future of the country, young, conservative, principled judges who will be on these courts for a lifetime.

CAVUTO: Did you remind the president when you two had that little disagreement, and he was publicly naming you and criticizing you, that you did get the Gorsuch thing?

MCCONNELL: Well, we haven't had any disputes in quite a while. And I have enjoyed this period.

CAVUTO: But when you say quite a while, what is that?


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