Mark Penn: We Must Stop Using Criminal Process To Get Rid Of Election Winners We Don't Like


Former Clinton strategist/pollster Mark Penn responded to fired FBI director James Comey's new book (available today) and his comments in an interview this week with fellow Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos

"I think his statements and his interviews are quite mystifying," Penn said of Comey. "I think he has to defend against people from the Hillary campaign saying he sabotaged that, from the Trump campaign saying he sabotaged that, and he just believes he had the hubris to make these decisions on the basis of politics, polls, his own standing. Remember, Hillary presumably would have been his incoming boss."

"I find that he has completely ruined the credibility of the FBI in this book that he has issued to make millions of dollars. It is not just in the public interest, it is really quite shocking."

"I definitely think [">Comey's statement that Trump shouldn't be impeached] means that he doesn't really think that there is a case for impeachment, and therefore he is saying don't impeach Donald Trump, vote him out," he also said. "I agree with that; if you don't like Donald Trump, vote him out."

"Let's stop using the criminal process, that really is out of control. We're almost back to 1998 with Stormy Daniels, just like Monica Lewinsky, all over again. We've got to stop this and actually elect people we like and throw out people we don't," he added.

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