Tom Fitton: Trump Should "Just Pardon Everybody" Who Is "Caught Up In" Mueller Probe


Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs and Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton call on President Trump to "just pardon everybody" who is "caught up" in the Mueller investigation:

LOU DOBBS, FBN: You can't go too far wrong these days, in watching our court system and our FBI and Justice Department operate.

TOM FITTON, JUDICIAL WATCH: Yeah, you know, let me just say, I mean Hannity -- Sean Hannity has been victimized in this process.


FITTON: You know, any consultation with an attorney is usually kept confidential. And there was really no good reason for the court, or for -- or the Southern District to push this.

DOBBS: Oh, sure. You know there's a good reason, it's not -- it's not a lawful reason, it's not a nice reason -- because these are -- these are ideologues, this whole posse of partisan hacks, put together by Robert Mueller and the Justice Department.

FITTON: And it all began with Mueller, as you point out, and the Justice Department refused to say no, and they went after Cohen with full force. Look, I think the president needs to seriously consider pardoning everybody caught up in this.

DOBBS: Well, there's an idea. I --

FITTON: Everybody. Everybody. Shut it -- you know, if he doesn't want to fire Mueller directly, maybe just pardon everyone, everyone caught up in it, either directly or indirectly, who's the subject, the target, you name it, just pardon it all.

Pardon them all, and then maybe some people who get away with crimes they otherwise should not have gotten away with, but you know -- I don't trust this Justice Department to investigate this fairly.


FITTON: Maybe he should start with pardoning General Flynn.

DOBBS: I think that you have got a terrific idea. Just pardon everybody, you know, just have a field day.

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