Comey: I Have No Opinion On How McCabe Should Have Been Disciplined


Former FBI director James Comey appeared on Tuesday's Good Morning America to further promote his new book. Comey, who gave an interview to George Stephanopoulos previously, gave a live one this morning where he was asked to opine on the firing of deputy director Andrew McCabe.

JAMES COMEY: I read the report and I think this report demonstrates the life of an institution that cares about the truth and investigates and holds people accountable. I think the process inside the Justice Department worked well. Where it was tainted was by the President of the United States calling for the firing or imprisonment of someone like Andrew McCabe. That tainted an institution that pursues the truth. And imagine if that kind of accountability was applied at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

I don't have a view on what the ultimate discipline should have been but this is the system working separate and apart from the president's effort to taint it. This is the Justice Department holding accountable its employees to the truth and that's really important.

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