CNN's Stelter: Do You Feel That Us In The Press Are Meeting The Challenge To Keep Up With Trump?


CNN's Brian Stelter provides commentary about President Trump's "rage tweeting" at the top of Sunday's edition of Reliable Sources:

STELTER: Do you remember when the president's moods were not a beat, did not merit news coverage? It was an easier time back then, because here's what we have today, President Trump is a subject of Robert Mueller's criminal investigation, talk of conspiracy and obstruction fills the air. Now, the president's longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, is under criminal investigation here in New York. Cohen is supposed to be in court tomorrow. We know Stormy Daniels says she will be there.

But before all of that, James Comey will be on television Sunday night, challenging Trump publicly, saying that the commander-in-chief who just ordered missile strikes in Syria is unethical, untethered to truth. Comey says this presidency is a forest fire.

In response, Trump's world is trying to burn the book down. Let's go live to Twitter where there are at least eight presidential tweets so far today, the president spending the morning rage tweeting, reacting to TV coverage, tweeting out meme nicknames for Comey, even accusing Comey of crimes without evidence.

Reporters always try to make sense of the president's behavior. It's a natural instinct. But right now, there's no sense to be made. He's just swinging wildly, hoping to land a punch.

If all this is too much to keep up with, well, that's a challenge for us here in the press. Do you feel that we're meeting that challenge? "The Time Magazine" has depicted this really well. This was a cover of "Time" Just one month into the Trump presidency, February 2017, Trump in the center of a storm.

Well, time updated the cover, here you see the water is rising, it's getting stormier as crisis and scandals engulf the White House. It's a great metaphor because we're also all drowning in news, there's been this hyper -- hyperactive, chaotic news cycle, with allegations of corruption, accounts of the president's fury, all of them filling the front pages every day. Even some of his defenders say he's in increasing legal jeopardy.

I mean, take a look at some of the stories we don't have time to cover. Today, this is the only time today I'll mention Paul Ryan, not running for re-election, and all of these other stories that otherwise would probably be the lead of this program.

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