Clinton WH Counsel: Comey Book An "Unnecessary Intrusion" At Delicate Moment In Investigation


Jack Quinn, former White House Counsel under President Clinton and Chief of Staff to Vice President Al Gore, said Monday it is "unhelpful" for former FBI director James Comey to inject himself in the middle of an investigation by publishing a book at this time. Quinn called it an "unnecessary intrusion" in a "delicate moment" of this investigation.

"Do you see a smoking gun anywhere?" MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle asked the former WH Counsel.

"I don't see a smoking gun," he answered. "Let me tell you, first of all, I honor James Comey's service to the country and the rule of law."

"I was certainly -- I'm troubled by the timing of the publication of his book," he said. "The investigation here is in the main -- in the hands of Mr. Mueller and the Southern District of New York, and, you know, conceivably with the Attorney General of the state of New York."

"I think his injecting himself now is unhelpful," Quinn said of Comey. "It's bad timing. Just as was the bad timing of his announcement about reopening the investigation of Mrs. Clinton during the campaign. I wish he had held off. I don't think this makes life easier for the FBI. I don't think it makes life easier for Mr. Mueller. It was just an unnecessary intrusion at a very -- what I think is a very delicate moment in this investigation."

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