Sally Yates: Trump Seems To View The Justice Department As His Own Personal Lawyers


At the Women in the World Summit in New York City, fired acting attorney general Sally Yates warns that the president doesn't have the moral authority for the office. Yates, a 27 year veteran of the DOJ, was fired in January 2017 after she disagreed with Trump's travel ban.

"I never expected, and, in fact, did not want to end my 27 years with the Department of Justice being fired," Yates said. "But at same time, I felt like to have done anything other than what I did, in making the decision that I did with respect to the travel ban, would have betrayed all those 27 years prior to that."

She also said: "I didn’t have as long a personal interaction with President Trump as director Comey did, but I have observed from outside, as a citizen—as all of you have—that he seems to view the Department of Justice as his own personal lawyers, to carry out his wishes rather than being representatives of the people of United States … That’s a real problem."

"He raised his hand and said he wanted to be the leader of our country," she said about Trump. "And he asked us to entrust him with that … And so it seems to me when the questions are so important here — it’s about a foreign adversary attacking our democracy, and if he or members of his campaign were part of it — I don’t understand how he would have the moral authority to lead this country if he didn’t answer those questions."

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