Dershowitz: I Defend Trump's Constitutional Privileges On TV Because The ACLU Won't


Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz says he doesn't go on television to defend President Donald Trump because he likes the president or wants to be his lawyer, rather he feels the way the president is being targeted is dangerous. "The key point is to make sure that in an effort to 'get Trump' we don't diminish our civil liberties," he said to CNN's Brian Stelter on 'Reliable Sources.'

"I do not want to be his lawyer, I can't give legal advice," Dershowitz said. "I can only talk about the Constitutional issues on national television. One of the reasons I don't want to be his lawyer is because I have no interest in what happened before he was president... I'm only interested in the Article Two issues, the constitutional issues, I'm interested in doing what the American Civil Liberties Union has failed to do, and that is defending the rights of all Americans."

"The ACLU issued a press release defending, justifying and praising the raid on Michael Cohen's office without alerting Americans to the risk of what happens if you allow invasions into doctor, lawyer, priest, spousal privilege."

"So I'm the default guy on civil liberties," he said.

"At the dinner, they basically threw me out when they wanted to talk about confidences," he also said. "I am not a supporter, I am not a defender of Donald Trump the person, I'm a defender of civil liberties and basic due process."

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