Chris Wallace: I'm Surprised by How "Bitchy" James Comey's Book Is


'FOX News Sunday' host Chris Wallace reacts to his reading of James Comey's upcoming book.

Comey's book, "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership," is available next Tuesday.

James Comey will speak out in an interview with George Stephanopoulos that airs Sunday night at 10/9c on ABC. In this ABC promo, Stephanopoulos says the former FBI director compared Trump to a "mob boss."

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS CHANNEL: One thing that surprised me, honestly, is how bitchy the book is. Comey goes out of his way to say the president isn't as tall as he thought he was, he checked out the size of his hands the first time they shook hands, he noticed the president has little white half-moons under his eyes from sun tanning goggles that he wore.

One could argue that by getting into the political food fight, James Comey has done more damage to his own reputation than to Trump's.

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