Dershowitz: Mueller "Laundering Information To Another Prosecutorial Authority," Committing "Subterfuge"


Alan Dershowitz said Tuesday special counsel Robert Mueller is committing "subterfuge" by moving matters regarding the president's "private activities" (i.e. Michael Cohen) to the Southern District of New York, acknowledging he has nothing on President Trump's actions before he took office.

"It is like laundering information to another prosecutorial authority," Dershowitz said.

Dershowitz told FOX News' Sean Hannity we are seeing a "bifurcation of the investigation" into Trump by giving aspects of an investigation to the SDNY, a U.S. Attorney's office, because Mueller couldn't find anything substantial against the president exercising his Article II authority in his firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Dershowitz, who met with Trump today, also told Hannity he doesn't believe the president will fire anyone.

Watch the full segment below the transcript:

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: You said where are American civil libertarians because it is such a violation.

I want to ask you this question because I think it is important... What we see the prosecutor doing here is because there is no evidence of collusion they seem to be trying to goad the president. He does have the right to fire Mueller, that's established. But it seems like they want to precipitate some type of crisis because they found no Russian collusion.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: I don't believe the president will fire anybody. I think that what we are seeing is a bifurcation of the investigation. I think Mueller has now acknowledged that he doesn't have the authority to look into Mr. Donald Trump's pre-presidential activities. So he has filtered it off and given it to the Southern District of New York which is now going to investigate those aspects because apparently they couldn't find anything substantial when it comes to the president's exercise of his Article II authority.

The president had the right to fire Comey. He had the right to determine what was to be investigated. He would have the right to pardon, though I don't think it would be wise to do at this time. But they're moving some of the case over to the Southern District to look into some other matters regarding his lawyer, his private activities, some negotiated settlements. That seems like a subterfuge by which Mueller doesn't have the authority so he gives that to somebody else, gives them the information. It is like laundering information to another prosecutorial authority.

Watch the full interview:

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