Bernstein on Cohen: FBI Raid About "Scaring The Hell Out Of The President"


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: There is no telling how many other sorts of interesting arrangements [Michael Cohen] has been involved with whether you know, Donald Trump knew about it or allegedly didn't know about it.

CARL BERNSTEIN: This raid is not about as Trump would have it, the civil liberty the of his lawyer. This raid is about scaring the hell out of the president of the United States because he knows better than anyone what he and his lawyer have discussed, communicated about and this has been Trump's biggest nightmare throughout this investigation.

Has it crossed the line? It has, it crossed the line in which Trump can no longer according to people close to him, can no longer afford to let the factual basis of this investigation go forward. We now have a president of the United States who is willing to undermine the concept that no one is above the rule of law in this country including the president. He is willing to throw that away and undermine our national security irredeemably in this country by shutting down this investigation. That is where we are.

Let me add one thing about what Jeff [Toobin] said and that has to do with this tainted process of looking at the fruits of the raid. If those investigators find evidence of criminality, suggested criminality and conspiracy between the president and his lawyer, that evidence goes back to the Mueller investigation. It does not stay with the Southern District of New York if it is related to Russia in any way and that also is a huge factor in this constitutional crisis.

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