Newt Gingrich: "Like Andrew Jackson," Trump Will Succeed At "Changing America's Future"


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich told FNC's Sean Hannity Thursday night that President Trump is effectively "organizing a majority" of support that will get him re-elected and "will actually be decisive in changing America’s future."

"You see Trump doing what he promised he would do. You see him standing up for America."

"Your choice is," Newt added. "Left wingers who think it is OK to have thousands of people cross the border. Inch by inch, Trump is actually organizing, exactly like Andrew Jackson, a majority that, I think, will get him re-elected, and that will actually be decisive in changing America’s future."

Full interview:

GINGRICH: Well, let me go back to a very simple model. We are in a culture civil war. If you are the left, you never talk about your side's weaknesses and you never acknowledge the other side's strengths.

And of course, what is happening to the left is if you are an average American, you see more jobs every month. More investment every month. You see Trump doing what he promised he would do. You see him standing up for America.

And your choice is left-wingers who thinks it's OK to have thousands of people cross the border versus protecting America. You know, inch by inch, Trump is actually organizing exactly like Andrew Jackson a majority that I think will get him re-elected. That will actually be decisive in changing America's future.

HANNITY: All right. So you wrote a column, Mitch McConnell out there saying Republicans are going to face strong headwinds. We hear from anybody else in the media, a big blue wave is coming in November.

You believe republicans can win in November. I think there is a lot at stake. Not the least of which if Pelosi become speaker they want to impeach Donald Trump and they'll make up a reason if they have to. So the question is, what are the Republicans need to do -- it's April -- from now until November to win?

GINGRICH: Well, let me remind everyone having spent a lot of my years as you know as an old friend campaigning. I was behind 51, 37 in September in my third campaign having lost twice. I won that election 54, 46.

George H.W. Bush who is behind in May by 19 points and won in November by six. That means one out of every five Americans switched between May and November. Now why do I say that? We are a long way from the 2018 election. If we end up with the anti-tax cuts Democrats, the anti-Semitic Democrats, the socialist Democrats, the nut cake Democrats and the people who have no positive solution for anything, if they end being what the issue is about we're going to win a shocking election.

If we are passing slow and stupid and we allow them to define the election we could lose. So, the test for the Republican Party one of the greatest tests of my lifetime. Can we tell a simple clear-cut story? And Trump today in West Virginia did a good job.

And again, I'm old fashioned tough, I believe in fighting, I believe in a real campaign. If we can have a real campaign we will do surprisingly well this fall.

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