Gowdy: I Don't Like Being A Congressman; "I Don't Have A Lot To Show For Last Seven Years"


VICE NEWS: South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy is retiring from Congress an unhappy man. He's even counting the number of trips to the airport he has left until he can leave DC for good.

"I don't have a lot to show for the last seven years," he said, commenting he is not a "legislative branch guy."

"I'm an executive branch guy," he added.

Gowdy lamented the "ineffectiveness" of his tenure and Congress as a whole.

Gowdy also agreed with President Trump's comment that he was a "loser" for producing nothing of fruition from the Benghazi commission. Gowdy said that Trump is competent for office.

"You won't see me running for political office again," Gowdy said at the conclusion of the interview's broadcast. "I'm done."

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