Tucker Carlson and Jorge Ramos Debate: Immigrant "Caravan," Working With Mexican Government


FNC's Tucker Carlson and author and journalist Jorge Ramos revisit the immigration debate in the wake of the president suggesting militarization of the border, reiterating the suggestion, and the Mexican ambassador's visit to Washington.

Carlson said that Mexico is a much more racist country than the U.S.: "The last four presidents [of Mexico] have all been white people who went to Harvard or Yale... I don't want to attack Mexico, I just think a little more perspective is in order here. It is a little much for the offspring of conquistadors to be saying you're racist if you have a border, when we get there we deserve affirmative action. What? This is crazy."

"This is America's fault to a small degree," Carlson added. "I think we spend too much time trying to improve countries around the globe and not enough time in Latin America. This is a problem because the Mexican government is dysfunctional and its leaders steal the money and leave for houses in Switzerland."

"Can we just agree on this point? A country that exterminated its black population, that is run exclusively by white people, that had a caste system based on blood until pretty recently, probably shouldn't be calling us racist. Let's take that out of the equation."

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