Friedman: Obama and Bush Need To Come Together And Use Their "Credibility" To Stop Trump Constitutional Crisis


On Tuesday's broadcast of Morning Joe, New York Times' Thomas Friedman said former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush will have to come together to end a constitutional crisis under current president Donald Trump.

THOMAS FRIEDMAN, NEW YORK TIMES: Barack Obama and George W. Bush have both been staying out of the political fray, despite all the attacks on them from Trump is because they understand they are going to have to come together in the face of this constitutional crisis that’s in our future and stand up for the Constitution. It’s going to have to be done in a bipartisan way by two ex-presidents who I think still have a lot of credibility, and my guess is they are saving their powder for that. I sure hope so because if Republican will not call the game, we’re going to need someone with legitimate authority to do so.

"The biggest threat to our democracy is sitting in the Oval Office," Friedman told the Morning Joe panel. "We have a president who is a disturbed person. This kind of tweeting. This kind of overthrowing, throwing over, excuse me, all these cabinet secretaries at once, this is not normal behavior. If this man were running a Fortune 500 company, the board of directors would have thrown him out long ago."

(via Breitbart Video)

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