Local Reporter Confronts Broward Sheriff At Democratic Club: "The Country Is Disappointed In You"


Local 10 (WPLG-TV) investigative reporter Bob Norman tracks down Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel after he was initially rebuffed by the lawman at a Sheriff's Office. Norman found Israel leaving a Weston Democratic Club meeting at a Wings Plus restaurant and confronted him about "the country being disappointed" in him and if he did his job "to protect and serve."

A perturbed Israel told the reporter he looks like he is "getting angry."

Here is how WPLG-TV broke down the confrontation:

In a CNN interview last month, Israel refused to take responsibility for his deputy's actions at the scene as well as the agency's failure to follow up on complaints prior to the massacre that Nikolas Cruz was a potential school shooter.

When reporter Bob Norman caught up with him outside the restaurant, Israel refused to answer questions, instead opting to criticize Norman's reporting.

"If you're disappointed in me, I think there's a lot of people disappointed in you," Norman countered.

"You know, I disagree with you," Israel said.

"You haven't heard?" Norman asked. "About the country being disappointed in you and the [Broward Sheriff's Office]?"

"No, not at all," Israel said. "My job is to protect and serve the Broward County residents."

"Did you do that?" Norman asked. "Did you do that?"

"But when the report is in, we'll have that conversation," Israel said.

"When the report is in, we'll have that conversation," Israel repeated.

Continue reading the Local 10 report.

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