Bill O'Reilly: Left Believes "Whiteness" Must Be Swept Out Of Power


BILL O'REILLY.COM: The left is targeting white, American, males. Almost every week there is a new controversy about professors or instructors who teach their students about white privilege. Find out the latest story on

O'REILLY: For a long time, skin color wasn't really much of an issue, in the '80s and '90s we didn't hear a lot. Yeah, you always had your Farrakhans and your Sharptons. We always had those people but -- Jackson -- race hustlers, but it was a money thing, an industry thing. But now, whiteness has become the issue. Whiteness. So if your'e a white American you are apart of a cabal that either consciousnessly or unconsciousnessly keeps minorities down. Therefore, that has to end and whiteness has to be put aside. That's what the border is all about. The open-border people, and believe me this is behind the movement in California and in the Democratic precients. Let everybody in. Everybody in. That would diminish whiteness because minorities would then take over as they have in many parts of California. That's what that is all about. Getting whiteness out of power. Particularly white men. ...

You're seeing this almost everyday that the white people whether they know it or not is oppressing and creating macroaggressions in the minority community. So therefore the white people must be swept out of power. Get them out! Let the LGBTs, and the minorities, they have to run the show. That's what this is all about. That's what this is all about and they are making strides like crazy.

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