Kellyanne Conway: Trump Approval Rating Is Going Up, Congress Is "Mired At 10 Percent"


Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, discusses the president’s push for fair trade with China and why the commander-in-chief was forced to sign the $1.3 trillion spending bill.

CONWAY: Every time that people aggressively predict something tragic will happen and occur from any action that President Trump takes, it never happens. He pulls out of the Paris Accord, you can't do that.

DOBBS: Right.

CONWAY: We’ll all die the next day from global warming, nothing happened.

You can't keep the commitment of five presidents and actually move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and recognize it as capital of Israel, bad things will happen, it doesn’t happen. And then we're told, you’re going to start a trade war with China if you do this, it doesn’t happen. In fact, the stock market springs back today because the predicted trade war simply doesn’t happen.

DOBBS: Well, it hasn’t happened. And, of course, as a strategy to this point, the president is on the right side of history again, as you point out. We're also however, you know, looking at a country that has been extraordinarily aggressive, and expansionist in its policies, obviously, on its way to fulfill hegemonic designs throughout Asia, the Pacific region.

China will not be milquetoast in anyway. We can't expect them to alike we have for the half century because they are far smarter than that. But I think that the president does not give enough credit for saying to Chinese, here is the issue, we want you to reduce your surplus with us by $100 billion a year.

And again, people just reacting reflectively because there’s such a high bound part of this orthodoxy lead by the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable table and all of the other establishment hacks in that city that we went to war against when he started campaigning.

CONWAY: Well, Lou, let me just this -- battleships turn very slowly, but they can sometimes sink very quickly, and people better realize who the captain is in this town. He came here to disrupt, to change the way of doing business.


CONWAY: The American people responded in kind. And I still feel like that there are organs and organizations in this city, remaining nameless, that don’t respond the way that -- aren’t honoring the will of the people, and aren’t really adapting themselves to this president. They expect him to adapt to this city. That’s not going to happen.

And I would also tell you, when it comes to matters like this spending bill. This president is the -- he’s a negotiator, the deal maker in chief, he will be much more involved in future. We're doing to do this against in 6 months, and he’s put everyone on notice. Do not send me anything like this again.

Seven hundred billion for the military -- had he not signed it and people would say, you’re holding the military hostage because you didn’t get everything for your wall.

So, it’s one of those situations --

DOBBS: He has Paul Ryan for crying out loud. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer they’re all bragging about the fact they stopped him on the issue of the wall. I mean, this is an insult --


DOBBS: No, no, this was an insult from the speaker of the House. This man is absolutely an obstructionist fighting this president at every corner. And there are -- his base, the president’s base is outraged at signing that $1.3 trillion spending bill. All -- understanding his motivation with the military --


DOBBS: -- and appropriately focused on that issue. But my god, for a speaker to act like this and to get away with it is, it is, I mean, it’s damnable.

CONWAY: Well, the president has proven he can work with leaders in Congress. He’s invited the Democrats to the table many times. They just keep walking away.

DOBBS: I don't think he ought to do a lot of that, Kellyanne, just between you and me.


CONWAY: They just keep walking away. It shows how phony the exercises are in their side.

But let me just -- let me also say --

DOBBS: He is not going to get love from DACA. He’s not going to get love from Schumer and he’s not going to get it from Pelosi and everybody peddling that stuff around the White House is full of it. It’s that straight up.

CONWAY: Let me just point out, something important here. Congress' approval rating mired at just about 10 percent, I think. It’s in the low small digit. You see the president's approval rating actually going up, even though all the narratives about chaos and turmoil, all this nonsense coming from the mainstream media, that those of us who work here don’t experience.

We see a president very focused on making good on the agenda that he promised and he’s making good on that. These tax cuts, he’s not talked about them enough --

DOBBS: You don't want to push that too far here, because what he promised was a wall.

CONWAY: Yes, he better get it.

DOBBS: It’s been 15 months --

CONWAY: Guess what? I agree with you. He better come back and do it.

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