Youth Activist Trevon Bosley: President Constantly Talks About Chicago Violence, Does Nothing To Help


Trevon Bosley, a student activist from Chicago and brother of a shooting victim, addresses the 'March For Our Lives' in Washington D.C. "on behalf of Chicago's youth, who are surrounded by gun violence every single day."

"Since 2005, there have been more than 5,850 people shot and killed in Chicago, and since 2012 there have been more than 16,000 people shot in Chicago," he said. "These stats are not just numbers in speech. These are mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, on a societal proportion. These are lawyers, doctors, artists, musicians. These are lives cut short due to senseless gun violence."

"When you have a city who feels we need more [rental] bikes in downtown Chicago for tourists, rather than more funding for workforce programs that get guys off the streets real jobs? You get gun violence."

"When you have a governor, Bruce Rauner, who feels that funding anti-violence programs are 'non-essential spending,' you have gun violence."

"When you have elected officials who feel that getting money from the NRA is more important than their actual constituents, you have gun violence."

"And when you have a president who would rather constantly talk about a belittle Chicago's violence, rather than send funds or resources, you have gun violence."

"Gun violence is more than just a Chicago problem, or a Parkland problem, it is an American problem," he said. "We are here demanding we get what we, as the people of this country, deserve."

"In Chicago's case, no more frivolous spending on tourist attractions and more spending on the people who actually live there."

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