Roseanne Barr vs. Kimmel On Liberals: "I'm Still The Same"; "You All Went So F**king Far Out, You Lost Everything"


JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE: Roseanne talks about her presidential run, being the original crazy tweeter, being a former friend of Hillary Clinton's, supporting Donald Trump, how they tackle politics on the show, and she reveals how she feels about the state of our country.

Barr responded to Kimmel who was surprised that someone as liberal as her could put up with Trump.

"I am shocked because I know you are a socially liberal person in general," Kimmel said.

"I'm still the same! You all moved," she said.

"We did?" Kimmel asked.

"You all went so fucking far out you lost everybody," Barr said.

"You're probably right, by the way," Kimmel reacted.

"Seriously, a lot of your audience, and including me -- I just want to say this, a lot of this, no matter who we voted for we don't want to see our president fail, you know?" she said to tepid applause.

"You want Pence for the freakin' president?" she asked Kimmel.

"No," he said.

"Well then zip that fucking lip," she told him.

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