David Hogg: You Need To Realize That Washington D.C. Is A "Spectacle," Don't Be A Part Of It


Parkland student David Hogg talks about skipping a math test to travel to Washington D.C., but warns students participating in the "March For Our Lives" not to become a part of the "spectacle" of American politics.

"This is the start of our marathon," Hogg said about the march Saturday. "The stamina in this situation is love and compassion."

Asked what he thinks of Washington at an Axios event with Mike Allen, Hogg said the capital is "nice and pretty."

"In the same way that it is supposed to be nice and pretty, with the architecture, the capitol dome and everything, it is all a spectacle at the end of the day," he said. "If you look at what these politicians do when they speak most of the time they are trying to convey a tone... if I make all these points and move my hands this way, I can get re-elected. When in reality, they aren't saying anything."

"We need to realize that spectacle and cut through that B.S. and call B.S."

His advice to someone who wants to tell their story: "Keep your points short, sweet concise and true."

"Don't be part of the spectacle, be truthful about what you care about and speak from the heart," he added.

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