Randy Credico: Julian Assange Has Never Published A Lie, Roger Stone Is A "Shady Character"


Randy Credico, a New York City radio personality who is alleged to be an associate of both Julian Assange and Roger Stone, joins Ari Melber exclusively on MSNBC's 'The Beat' to say he never passed messages between the two. This is the only interview he has done since pleading the fifth in the Mueller investigation, which he calls a "witch hunt" and "scary."

In an interview with NewsMax in May 2016, Roger Stone said Credico was going to start a "Sanders Supporters For Trump" group: "I heard from a progressive activist today in New York, Randy Credico. He told me he was starting Sanders Supporters For Trump," Stone said. However, in a post on StoneColdTruth.com Wednesday morning, Roger Stone said Credico turned him on to WikiLeaks: "It was Randy Credico who first brought to my attention in mid-July 2016, the public claim of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange that he had significant material on the Democrats and Hillary Clinton and would publish those documents. Up until this time, I had not been paying much attention to WikiLeaks and was not following the WikiLeaks or Assange feeds on Twitter."

Stone also says Credico's Richard Nixon impression is "dead on."

Credico lambasts Stone as a "shady character" and "trickster" with "selective memory" but says they know each other.

At the heart of this interview: Allegations that messages were passed from the Russians to Julian Assange to Randy Credico to Roger Stone to Sam Nunberg to Donald Trump, and Credico is the "missing link."

Credico says this allegation is false. "I'm an interesting guest because I don't remember anything -- I'm a recovering alcoholic. Remember Sam Nunberg? You want me to end up like him?"

"Roger Stone -- what he did to me was reveal my name. I took the Fifth Amendment... The worst thing about all of this is I am now connected to Stone, connected to Trump being the president, I am vilified by my fellow Democrats," Credico said, insisting that he never got information early from Assange.

"I consider this entire probe to be a waste of time and a witch hunt and it is scary, it is very scary the way they are going after people. I am not going to dignify this investigation by talking to them," he said.

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