Bill Bennett: Churchill Called Stalin On His Birthday To Congratulate Him


Former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett on the outrage President Trump induced for congratulating Russia President Vladimir Putin for his recent election victory. Bennett said Winston Churchill once congratulated Russian dictator Joseph Stalin on his birthday. From Wednesday's Special Report panel:

BILL BENNETT: Can I speak to the congratulations to Putin? Everybody has pointed out that Obama did this and Obama also congratulated the president of Iran on his. A little history here. You want to talk about bad Russians, Churchill, I checked my books, Churchill congratulated Stalin on his birthday. God knows one of the worst days in history of the world, the birthday of Joseph Stalin. Churchill said that, the great statesman.

I was watching one of the other cable networks and they were highly insulted because they said the president has insulted us and Meryl Streep and Chuck Todd but he won't insult Putin. Maybe the president thinks Putin might be useful for international negotiations in the way Chuck Todd, Meryl Streep may not be.

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