Trump Plugs Hannity On Fox & Friends: I Expect "Criminal Charges" Against McCabe, Trump Will Not Fire Mueller


President Trump recommends citizens watch Sean Hannity's appearance Monday morning on 'Fox & Friends':

In an appearance on Monday morning's edition of "Fox & Friends," Sean Hannity said "serious crimes" took place at the top levels of the Justice Department and FBI and that reports President Trump wants to remove special counsel Robert Mueller are "fake news."

"He has every right, in my mind, to be frustrated," Hannity said about Trump's statements on Comey and McCabe. "But I would argue we're getting to the end of the process and there's not going to be any firing of Mueller."

Most shockingly, he said he expects to see criminal charges brought against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired Friday night.

Hannity said that Comey, whose book will be released next month, still has a lot of questions to answer about what happened at the FBI during the 2016 elections.

"It is the biggest abuse of power in the history of this country," said Hannity.

β€œThe president didn't say he was going to fire" Mueller, Hannity said. "This is all β€” this is the fake news media doing what they do best."

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