Rand Paul: CIA's Haspel "Enjoyed Torture," Not Somebody We Should Reward As Director


Sen. Rand Paul explained Wednesday why he opposes the nomination of "neocon" Gina Haspel to be CIA director in an interview with FOX News' Harris Faulkner. He said it would be the "wrong kind of message to send to the world" because of her connection to waterboarding. Paul said Haspel "enjoyed" waterboarding.

"Specifically, on the CIA director, I oppose her because she believes that waterboarding should be something that we use and I think that America shouldn't be known for torture and I have members of my family in the military and I don't want, if they're ever captured by foreign countries to think torture is okay," Paul said.

"Some of her comments were gleeful," Paul said of a book that quoted Haspel's thoughts on waterboarding and enhanced interrogation. "The man can't breath and he's choking on saliva and water and she's saying, 'Oh, you're a good actor.' And can't believe that a grown man is crying because of this treatment. And it almost seemed to be a little bit of glee in her voice that she actually enjoyed the torture and I think that's not somebody who we need to see lead the CIA."

"We should not reward somebody who actually participated in torture treatment," Paul added.

Sen. Paul said he would also oppose the nomination of Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State:

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