Dem Rep. Castro: Clear There Was Collusion And Russians Were Trying To Help Trump


Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) said the decision by House Intel Committee Republicans to shut down the Russia-Trump probe is a "betrayal" of public trust." In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Castro said it is clear there was collusion and Russians were trying to help Trump.

BLITZER: Some of your Republican colleagues on the committee seem to acknowledge that Vladimir Putin wanted to hurt Hillary Clinton in the election, but they reject the U.S. intelligence community's assertion that the Russian campaign's goal was to help Donald Trump be elected president.

Why do they say that?

CASTRO: I'm not sure. I'm baffled by that.

When you look at even just a few facts, first that George Papadopoulos, who, of course, is under indictment now, was approached by "The Professor," a Russian operative, who clearly said that they had dirt on Hillary Clinton, had e-mails that could be damaging to her, the idea there was perhaps they could turn these over to the campaign.

Remember, they knew that he was part of the Trump campaign. You consider also the fact that Roger Stone, who was one of the first Trump campaign employees and is a longtime associate of the president, knew ahead of time about the Clinton e-mail dump, was in communication, it appears, with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, when you consider those two facts and many others, it's clear that there was collusion and that the Russians were trying to help Donald Trump.

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