Maryland Student: We Refuse To Sit In Classrooms With Armed Teacher, "Reject Turning Schools Into Prisons"


Montgomery County, MD student member of the board of education, Matt Post, speaks at a Democratic rally on Capitol Hill in favor of gun control and against President Trump's proposals to "harden up" school defenses.

MATT POST: As students, we need to make a few things clear.

To start: We will not sit in classrooms with armed teachers.

We refuse to learn in fear! We reject turning our schools into prisons.

We will accept nothing less than comprehensive gun control, and if that's what it takes, we will shame our national policymakers into protecting us.

"To every politician sitting in Congress, working behind us, you get to decide who lives," Montgomery County, Md., student says. "When the commander-in-chief’s best solution to the country's gun problem is more guns, you know we have a moral problem in this White House."

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