David Hogg Calls For More Student Walkouts Until Gun Legislation Is Passed


One month after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., thousands of students are participating in a school walkout. Marjory Stoneman Senior David Hogg joins Morning Joe to discuss.

GEIST: Joining us now from Parkland is a senior at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, David Hogg. David good morning, it’s good to see you. I want to talk about the walk out and your objectives here in a minute, but it strikes me as I see you guys on TV and listen to you, you have been thrust forward as advocates and good for you for raising your voices, but I haven't heard much about how you're doing. You guys suffered an unimaginable trauma in school that day. How are you doing? How are your classmates doing?

HOGG: We're all doing as good as we could be. This is an unimaginable tragedy that nobody ever thinks will happen to them, nobody should ever think would happen to them, but it can and it does. Sadly that's what happened here in Parkland. But, I think what the difference this time is, is that we're all standing up and we aren't closing up like many communities before us have. We're opening up to the world and the nation to show and expose the wounds that we have acquired as a community so that no other city, no other club, and no other person has to be affected in such a negative way.

GEIST: Heidi?

PRZYBYLA: Hi, David. It's Heidi Przybyla. Thanks for being up this early. What is next? We'll have this march and certainly this is going to draw a lot of attention to the issue. But at the same time, I'm sure you're following what's going on in Washington and seeing that the chances of major movement on gun legislation is evaporating by the day. You have an election coming up. Do you see these threads between all of different students who are organizing in different cities as part of a new grass roots movement? What do you think will happen in the run-up to the election?

HOGG: I think what's going to happen in the run-up to the election is if our elected officials don't take responsibility for their inaction on both sides of the aisle, then we are going to kick them out of office. We are their bosses as the American democracy. If they don't serve us like the representatives that they're supposed to be, that's OK because, one, we'll kick them out of office by not re-electing them and, two, they'll be remembered in our history books that my generation writes as the cowards that they are, because they don't take action.


HOGG: We've seen so many thousands of people die with no action, and now we're here to change that. The way we really continue this movement even after the march is having more school walk outs until legislative action is taken, because this is ridiculous. How should we be expected to go to school and do our job as students if our elected officials won't? Why should we have to?

SCARBOROUGH: You know, David, all of us have -- most of us have children who are in school right now. It's deeply affected them. I suspect everybody regardless of their position on the Second Amendment and what the Second Amendment is and is not have to talk to their children before they go to school.

It is interesting that we had John Della Volpe from Harvard’s Institute of Politics talking about polling numbers that I’ve seen before, that are fascinating, that millennial voters while more progressive on just about every other issue actually are more conservative when it comes to guns. Obviously those of you who have taken the lead after Parkland are not in that position. But I’m wondering, what message do you have instead of just to elected leaders, what message do you have to your own generation and other millennials who are more conservative than most would expect on this issue?

HOGG: One thing I think is important to remember about those polls is conservative students and conservative people in the millennial generation are typically a lot more politically active. So the polls may be biased in that way, because many students that have more liberal views may just not partake in them. So there may be a skew in the polls that way. Also I think it's important for the students out there that are -- that want to know what to do next, is get out and vote. Research who your politicians are even, know what they do, know who they're supported by legislatively, and know who is supporting them financially for their campaigns. Because ever since citizens united we've seen a massive growth in the amount of campaign contributions and corruption in politics as a result, and that has to change. Sadly, our parents haven't done so, so my generation does.

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