Border Wall Contractor to Trump: "If Your Wall Is See-Through, It Is Basically A Fence"


Tommy Fisher's "Fisher Sand & Gravel Co." is one of eight contractors vying for the deal to build President Trump's border wall. Fisher joined FNC's Laura Ingraham on Tuesday night to discuss his solid concrete model. President Trump traveled to view the eight border wall prototypes in Southern California on Tuesday.

"Our wall is solid concrete," Fisher explained. "If [your wall] is see-through, you're basically a fence, like President Trump was talking about earlier with the steel."

President Trump appeared to endorse a "see-through" wall with steel bars on his trip to the border, saying about the solid-concrete walls: "You could be two feet away from a criminal cartel and you don’t know they’re there."

"Steel has its purpose out on the border but, basically encased in our concrete," Fisher quipped.

"The biggest difference is we took vision very, very, serious, when we put our proposal together. That is why our wall is strong enough to be back-filled. So agents have a 360 degree panoramic top-view down, so they have the advantage," appearing to say that border agents could walk on top of the wall. "Hopefully President Trump will get to see that with some of the other pictures."

"We can build through the mountains as well," he added. "And we have a product that will last 150 years."

"Our product, our patent-pending system, does not need cranes," he said about the wall. "The big difference with ours is -- we're building access roads for the agents. So you're not even getting close to our wall. Our wall has a road in front, a road behind. And it has such a superior advantage."

He issued this challenge to President Trump: "I have placed $274 million bid with land that I just purchased in California, to build the first 15 miles in the most mountainous, rugged terrain. To prove to the president, as well as the country, that if you don't have a complete border protection system, you do not have security."

"If [President Trump] allows our team --Fisher Industries-- to play, I guarantee we'll be just like Tom Brady, once we get in, we aren't getting out."

"If we don't perform, the president can fire us," Fisher said. "That's how comfortable and confident I am."

"I'm not taking sides on which prototype is best," the Fox News host said to Fisher. "But this is why you're a good businessman."

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