Trump: Illegals Able To Cross Border Walls Are Like "Professional Mountain Climbers"


At an event in San Diego, CA near the U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump touted several prototypes for The Wall. Trump, holding a poster showing the area on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, said the larger wall with solid concrete and steel will make it "very hard to get over the top."

"We are looking very much at the wall with some see-through capability on the other side and then solid concrete on top or steel and concrete on top," Trump said Tuesday. "The round piece that you see up here or you see more clearly back there (pointing), the larger it is, the better it is because it's very hard to get over the top."

The president said those who illegally enter the U.S. using the current border fences are like "professional mountain climbers." He called them "incredible climbers."

"Who would think, who would think? But getting over the top is easy. These are like professional mountain climbers. They are incredible climbers. They can't climb some of these walls. Some of them they can. Those are the walls we're not using. So we have determined that you guys have done a fantastic job," Trump said.

"When we build we are not like saying 'Oh, gee, I wish we did it a different way.' But if you didn't have it, you would have a tremendous problem. And even the walls they have now they are not holding up. And they're small but they are really great compared to what they had before. Stopped about 95%," he said.

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