Sessions: "We're Looking" Into Obstruction Of Justice Prosecution Of Oakland Mayor


FOX NEWS: U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions talks DOJ lawsuit against California, ICE raids, other sanctuary cities potentially following Oakland mayor's example of tipping off illegal immigrants and more.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: So some Democratic politicians say the states are not -- and I think they’re legally correct, are not obligated to carry out Federal law. But then others, including the Mayor of Oakland have gone farther and actively tried to subvert Federal law as Mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland did the other day by warning people that Federal agents are coming. Does that constitute obstruction of justice and should she be prosecuted for that?

ATTORNEY GENERAL JEFF SESSIONS: We’re looking at that. Our fabulous ICE officers and Tom Homan are keeping us posted on what’s really happening there. Those kinds of things depend on the law and the facts and we’ll evaluate them at the Department of Justice. But, yes this is a radical ideology that’s contrary to the American law, the supreme law of the land is American immigration law and it must be enforced, else we’ll just have open borders and that cannot be.

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