Conway: Hope Hicks Will Be Difficult To Replace, Probably Be Back In Trump Orbit Someday To Help Again


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Kellyanne Conway appeared on FOX & Friends Thursday morning to discuss the resignation of White House Communications Director Hope Hicks. Conway said Hicks had a "multidimensional role" and will be difficult to replace.

CONWAY: This is very simple. Hope’s been doing this for 3 years non-stop and I think the president spoke for all of us who have had the privilege and pleasure of working closely with Hope and getting to know her as a friend that she’s fantastic and she has done a tremendous job for him and as the president says will probably be back in his orbit sometime and someday to help yet again. But Hope is, somebody as communications director, what most people don’t understand to be effective at that job and she’s been enormously effective at that job, you have to really understand the underlying policies here. She shepherded a lot of resources and surrogates and indeed the president’s voice himself when it came to passing major initiatives like tax reform, working on infrastructure now, holding forth some of these roundtables yesterday on school safety. Last week’s listening session with those affected by school shootings was Hope’s original idea. And that’s just one example of many I can give you on how she very quietly, but very sedulously, has worked behind the scenes to make a real impact for the president, the presidency, and really for her country.

I’ve been offered that job many times and no, I work on policy here at the White House. And you’re right, it’s going to be very difficult to replace Hope Hicks in the Hope role, which was a very multidimensional role over the course of three years. But I think it’s important to talk about those three years. We’ve been here for 13 months but Hope is one of those unbroken threads between the early days of the primary campaign. All through the campaign, on the plane, practically every day, including on weekends with candidate Trump during transition with him and with us and certainly here since day one in the administration. And Hope’s a New Yorker – she’s got a great family she’s close to and she has a wonderful future and we’re all excited to see. I love her and I’ll miss her very much because she is the kind of person as General Kelly said is wise beyond her years, very poised, very talented, and she yielded a great deal of her power very quietly. She had the luxury of not having to come on TV often but I think we’ll hear from her and one day when Hope Hicks sits down to give a major post-White House interview, millions of people will tune-in and I’ll be one of them.

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