Bernstein: Unclear If Trump Can Effectively Govern, "Wheels Are Coming Off Of This Presidency"


Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein speak to Anderson Cooper on the Wednesday broadcast of Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: On -- on -- I mean, again, on a day -- normally that would probably be the lead story on this day though we’ve also had obviously this meeting on gun control, Hope Hicks stepping down. What do you -- when you both look at this White House, just in terms of the way it’s organized. The way it is run. Have you ever seen a White House like this?

CARL BERNSTEIN: No. And I think what’s going on now, there are two stories that are coming together. There’s the Mueller investigation. There’s the Russian story and the possibility of collusion and the possibility of obstruction of justice. But there is now a sub-text that people in the White House will say to you, it is unclear to them whether Donald Trump can effectively govern. Whether he’s capable of it in terms of his own abilities, conduct and whether or not things are -- have gotten to the point where the wheels are coming off of this presidency. We don’t know that. But certainly, people in the White House are openly with each other and with journalists raising those kinds of questions.

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