Hannity: Obama-Clinton FISA Abuse Scandal Completely Ignored By Mainstream Media


Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed Tuesday that the Department of Justice will investigate Obama-era FISA abuses against the Trump campaign alleged in the Nunes memo. Sean Hannity said Tuesday night that Rep.Adam Schiff's rebuttal to the Nunes memo only confirms his accusations that the Obama administration and FBI used the Clinton-sourced Steele dossier to obtain surveillance warrants to use against the Trump campaign.

"Schiff's counter-memo has actually confirmed everything we have been reporting on and everything that is also in the two Republican memos on this scandal," Hannity said. "That is why the mainstream media has been completely ignoring what is inside the Schiff memo."

Hannity explained: "Now we have three congressional memos which prove a key fact: The FBI lied to the FISA judge about Clinton and the DNC financing the dossier, which was filled with uncorroborated Russian lies, and they did it to spy on the Trump campaign. The Attorney General Jeff Sessions, glad he's moving, he needs to move quickly. Everybody involved needs to be held accountable, we need to restore the rule of law."

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