'FASTER Colorado' Founder Laura Carno: An Argument For Arming Teachers


Laura Carno – an advocate for arming teachers and a founder of FASTER Colorado, spoke to Kyle Clark on NBC 9 News in Denver about the program. Armed teachers are in more than 15 schools in Colorado, with more expected to try out the program. FASTER training includes hand-to-hand combat, gun safety, and medical triage.

The host asked: "You've said there might be some school districts who have done this, and not talked about it publicly. You hear that deterrence is part of the reason to do this. Why would a school district arm staff and not tell anyone?"

"It is up to every school district to make the decision," Carno replied. "One school district has this huge sign, some have these little stickers on their windows, and some don't say anything... We train them regardless of if they want to talk about it or not."

"Concealed means concealed," she replied when asked if arming teachers changes the relationship between teachers and students. "Colorado, just normal people, not in schools but ordinary people... one in nine people in Colorado has a concealed carry permit."

Another question from host Kyle Clark: "How do you teach someone with no law enforcement or military background to kill someone for the first time, and probably to kill someone they know well. How do you get someone in that headspace?"

"The first thing the three-day class starts with is mindset," she said. "And just exactly as you said, this could be your favorite student from yesterday, but we go through with them, what is the mental makeup of somebody who could turn into a monster like this, and to help them understand they are no longer your favorite student, they are a threat to your students that has to be stopped."

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