WA Gov. Jay Inslee Challenges Trump Plan To Arm Teachers: "Less Tweeting, More Listening"


Washington Gov. Jay Inslee was one of only a few Democrats to speak up against President Trump's call to arm teachers and better defend schools, at a meeting on gun and school safety held Monday at the White House.

"I think we need a little less tweeting here, and a little more listening," Inslee said in response to Trump's comments. "I just think this is a circumstance where we just need to listen. Educators should educate, and they should not be foisted upon this responsibility of packing heat in first-grade classes... I understand you suggested this, and sometimes we suggest things and then listen to people about it and maybe they don't look so good a little later... Let's just take that off the table and move forward."

The president had just called for "arming a small portion [of school personnel] who are very adept who truly to handle [weapons]"

"I do feel very strongly that... gun free zones are like an invitation for these very sick people to go there," the president also said. "There has to be some form of major retaliation if they're able to enter the school... Just a very small group of people who are very gun adept."

"Whatever percentage it is [who end up armed], speaking as a grandfather... I have listened to the people who would be affected by that... and they don't want to do it," Inslee also said.

The Washington governor added: "I have listened to the biology teachers and they don't want to do that at any percentage. I have listened to the first-grade teachers, who don't want to be pistol-packing."

"I have listened to law enforcement who have said they don't want to train teachers, which takes about six months!"

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