Trump: Teachers Love Their Students, Need Guns To Protect Them From "Cowards," "Lunatics"


'One America News' WH correspondent Trey Yingst got the first two questions at President Trump's joint Press conference with the Australian Prime Minister on Friday afternoon. He asked about gun control and last week's mass shooting in Parkland, Florida:

TREY YINGST, ONE AMERICA NEWS: I have a couple questions for you, if you...

PRESIDENT TRUMP: How about one?

Go ahead, Trey.

YINGST: Compromise at two.

Following mass shootings, there's often a lot of talk and little action. So I ask you today, what specific pieces of legislation or legislative framework will you propose to lawmakers, following the Parkland shooting?

TRUMP: Well, we're going to do a lot. But we are going to be very strong on background checks. I've spoken with many of our people in Congress, our senators, our congressmen and women. And there's a movement on (ph) to get something done.

We want to be very powerful on background checks. When we're dealing the mentally ill, as we were in this last case -- he was a very sick person and somebody that should have been nabbed. I guess they had 39 different occasions where they were able to see him or potentially see him. We want to be very powerful, very strong on background checks, and especially as it pertains to the mentally ill.

We're going to get rid of the bump stocks, and we're going to do certain other things. But one of the feelings that I have -- and you've probably heard me in a speech this morning -- very, very important that we have offensive capability, as well as defensive capability that's within the schools, because, when you have a gun-free zone, you're really inviting people to come in and do whatever you have to do and, often times, get out.

Now, I was the one that brought up the fact that these shootings, on average, last three minutes, and it takes anywhere from 6 to 10 minutes for the police to get to the site. And I want to have people in the building. And, in many cases, you have ex-Marines and ex-Army and Navy and Air Force and Coast Guard -- you have them in the building, and they can have concealed weapons and still be teachers, or they could be in the building in a different capacity.

But we have to offensive capability to take these people out rapidly, before they can do this kind of damage. But we'll be putting in strong language having to do with the background checks. And that will take place very quickly.

I spoke with Paul Ryan this morning, with Mitch McConnell, and people are looking to really energize. I -- I know that you've had -- this has been going on for a long time -- many, many years. And you've had people in my position, and they would mention things, but not a lot of things got done, obviously. We take it very seriously. We want to put an end to it.

And if, by the way, the bad guy thinks that somebody's in this room with a weapon that's going to be pointed at him, with live bullets, he's not going into the school. It's the one way you're going to solve it.

You're not going to solve it with gun-free spaces, because they'll get in there and they're going to be the only one with a gun. So we need offensive capability, and we're going to be doing something about it. We're dealing with Congress right now. Thank you. Thank you.

QUESTION: If I could follow up, Mr. President, amid talks of arming teachers and mental health, what specific commitments to American students can you make that these policies will make them safer?

TRUMP: Well, I think it's going to make it safer. And, you know, the problem that's been happening over the last 20 years is people have talked -- you said it. It's all talk, it's no action. And we're going to take action.

I think it's going to make it safer. I think the fact that you have some capability within a school -- they're not going to go into that school. They're not going to do it.

You could look at what's happened with airplanes, where we put marshals on planes with guns; where pilots, in many cases, have guns. Nothing's happened for a long period of time when it used to almost -- it was getting to a point of being routine.

When you have somebody with a gun staring you down -- it's going to be a lot different for them to walk into those schools. Right now, they look at the sign outside, "This is a gun-free environment" -- that means they're the only one with a gun.

And the damage this lunatic did in that school for such a long period of time -- and, frankly, you had a gun, and he was outside as a guard, and he decided not to go in. That was not his finest moment, that I can tell you. He waited, and he didn't want to go into the school. I just heard this, and it's a terrible situation.

But we need people that can take care of our children. We're not going to let this happen again. And the way it's not going to happen again -- because they're basically cowards. Innately, they're cowards.

And, if they know bad things happen to them once they get into that school by people that love the children -- see, a security guard doesn't know the children, doesn't love the children. This man standing outside of the school the other day doesn't love the children, probably doesn't know the children.

The teachers love their children. They love their pupils. They love their students. They're doing it also from love. Now, they have to be very adept. I'm not talking about every teacher. I'm talking about a small percentage. But people that have great ability with weaponry, with guns -- those are the only people I'm talking about. But they'll protect the student.

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