CNN Reporter Confronts Trump Supporter: Your Pro-Trump Group Was Infiltrated By Russians


CNN's Drew Griffin tracked down and faces off with a Trump supporter, one of the "unwilling Americans" that Russians trolls "succeeded" to take part in the election. Florine Gruen Goldfarb, one of the leaders of the 'Team Trump Broward County' Facebook page, was confronted by Griffin on her front lawn and continually told her she was a Russian pawn whether she wanted to admit it or not. Transcript, via CNN:

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: CNN senior investigative correspondent Drew Griffin went looking for some for some those Americans and here's what he found.



GRIFFIN (voice-over): She may well be one of the unwitting Americans, Trump supporters who help the Russian internet trolls infiltrate U.S. communities by spreading Russian made messages without knowing it. Then Florine Goldfarb who still runs that team Trump Broward Facebook page, thinks that's all BS, right now at the timing of when Robert Mueller decided to release his indictment.

GOLDFARB: I think it's a cover up, that's my opinion --

GRIFFIN (on-camera): What?

GOLDFARB: -- what they have blundered on the shooting that was done at the high school.

GRIFFIN (on-camera): One group the Russians operated under was called Being Patriotic. Calling themselves an online community. They were actually Russian internet trolls according to the FBI, trying to direct unwitting Americans to holding rallies, posting Russian made anti-Hillary Clinton messages, even telling them what to print on their homemade signs. According to the indictment, the Russians under the online name Being Patriotic encouraging Trump supporters to stage a flash mob on august 20th. And the Team Trump Broward group responded, on Goldfarb posted the information for the Fort Lauderdale flash mob on the Facebook page she still runs. Co-chair of the Team Trump Broward, Dolly Ramp (ph) was there, holding a crooked Hillary sign. Dolly Ramp (ph) wouldn't talk to CNN, he husband told us by phone, we are disgusting and not to bother them.

Florine Goldfarb told us we are fake news part of the cover.

(on-camera): But what part of it in instance that coverup? What -- are you saying that's not true or what?

GOLDFARB: The Russians, I don't care if they were involved or not. That to me is the least important thing.

GRIFFIN (on-camera): But they were involved with you, did you guys know that?

GOLDFARB: They weren't involved with us. Just you know, just make sure that you report it correctly that, you know --

GRIFFIN (on-camera): But you guys were involved with Being Patriotic, right?

GOLDFARB: Very, very patriotic, but not --

GRIFFIN (on-camera): Being Patriotic was the group that contacted and helped organize somebody's activities that you posted on your own Facebook account.

GOLDFARB: Those were legitimate.

GRIFFIN (on-camera): Those were Russians.

GOLDFARB: They were not Russians, I don't go with the Russians. Come on.


GRIFFIN (on-camera): That group was Russian.

GOLDFARB: I having nothing to do with the Russians.

GRIFFIN (on-camera): Well apparently you did.


GRIFFIN (voice-over): Even though the indictment says the Russians organized the rally, Ms. Goldfarb say she never communicated with any Russians and no one at any of her events were anything but Americans for Trump. The Russians pretending to be Trump organizers also reached out to Harry Miller at (INAUDIBLE) Beach, Florida, paying him to build a cage large enough to hold an actress depicting Clinton in prison uniform, he did just that, appearing at rallies. On Friday, Miller who now lives in Pennsylvania tweeted, this is the cage the Russians paid for. By phone, he says he learned about his unwitting involvement from the FBI and now believes it was Russians who called him on the phone and paid him between 500 to $1,000 to build this cage.

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