Mulvaney: Military Parade Would Cost Between $10 Million And $30 Million


Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney at a House Budget Committee hearing on Wednesday:

REP. BARBARA LEE (D-CA): And, secondly, I want to ask you about this military parade that the president's proposing -- you know, the parade that is very similar to those held in authoritarian countries, like in North Korea. How much is that parade going to cost? And where is that money coming from?

MICK MULVANEY, OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET DIRECTOR: Thank you, Congresswoman. I'll answer the second question first. We actually had military parades in this -- in this country before. I think we had one recently -- as recently as the 1990s, or maybe more recently than that.

I've seen various different cost estimates, from between -- I think $10 million and $30 million, depending on the size of the parade, the scope of it and the length of it, those types of things.

We've not accounted for it in this year's budget, simply because it's come up at the last minute. So we'd continue to work with you folks if we decide to push forward with that initiative.

LEE: Now -- if who decides to push forward? You mean the president?

MULVANEY: Yes, ma'am, that's who I work for.

LEE: OK. I'm sorry, I thought you said "we decide."

MULVANEY: "We" being the administration. I'm sorry.

But, of course, you'd have to appropriate funds for it. We have to find funds for it that you've already appropriated.

LEE: That would be -- estimate -- $10 million to $11 million?

MULVANEY: I think -- again, the estimates I've seen -- they're very preliminary. So it's between $10 million and $30 million, depending upon the length. Obviously, an hour parade is different than a five-hour parade, in terms of the cost and the equipment and those types of things. So you've asked a straight question; I'm trying to give you a straight answer...

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