Jorge Ramos: Republicans Want To Change "Essence" Of United States, "Make America White Again"


In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Monday night, Jorge Ramos explained what DREAMers are willing to accept to agree to a deal. Discussing how much a DACA deal falls on the shoulders of the Democrats, Ramos said they cannot make concessions on "family reunification" and deporting family members. He said DREAMers would not accept anything that would "hurt their parents."

He said Trump is not proposing immigration reform, he is "proposing immigration revenge."

"It is not going to be easy for them to accept everything that Republicans and President Trump wants,' Ramos said of DREAMers. "They are not proposing immigration reform, they are proposing immigration revenge. Because they not only want to help the DACA students but also they want to have a wall, they want more border security, they want to end the so-called chain migration which is family reunification and then the visa lottery."

"I don't see a deal possible," he said. "For the DREAMers, what they're asking them is the impossible. Because Republicans are saying, we want to legalize you. However, we want to deport your father, your mother, your siblings. That's simply an impossible choice for them."

"But don't you think it is up to the Democrats to make concessions here since they don't control either chamber of Congress? I mean, the Republicans do hold the cards," host Anderson Cooper asked.

Ramos said President Trump and Republicans "want to make America white again."

"The fact is that Republicans with this negotiation, they want the change the essence of the United States," Ramos said. "Do they really want to make America white again. Is that the deal?"

In terms of legislation, Ramos said most people on his side would accept a DREAM Act for 300-350 miles of the border wall "but nothing else."

"What I'm seen from the Democratic side and from talking with the DREAMers, is that they are willing to negotiate DACA for a few miles of wall, maybe 300, 350 miles of wall. That is as much as they can go. But to tell them that from now on, everything is going to change, that chain migration has to stop. Family reunification is no longer going to be the immigration principle that is going to guide us into these tolerant, diverse, multicultural, multiracial country. I don't see it. The way I see it is DACA for a few miles of wall, but nothing else."

Ramos also said when the right talks about "chain migration," they are really saying they want a "white country" again. Ramos said the U.S. made a decision post-1965 to have a "diverse, multicultural, more biracial country." He noted by 2024 the U.S. will be a "minority-majority country." However, he accused Republicans of wanting to "change the essence of the United States."

"When they talk about chain migration, what they are really saying is, 'We want to have a white country again. We want to go back to 1965 when almost 80, 90% of the people were non-Hispanic whites.' That's no longer the idea of this country. I think we had agreed, after 1965, that we wanted a diverse, multicultural, more biracial country. And the way they want to do it, I think, they want to reverse this incredible demographic trend that by 2024 is going to make America a minority-majority country," Ramos said.

"I don't think the DREAMers will take anything that will affect their parents," he said. "Look, when somebody is trying to hurt your parents, and your brothers and your sisters, you'll always remember. So, I don't see any way in which the DREAMers can accept anything that is going to hurt their own family. I don't think they are going to take it."

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