'Americans For Prosperity' Hits Claire McCaskill For Voting Against Tax Reform


The conservative group 'Americans for Prosperity' is out with a new ad targeting Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill over her opposition to the GOP's tax reform bill and painting her as an ally of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. The ad will play online and on Missouri TV for the next three weeks.

"Tax reform is sweeping across Missouri. Small businesses are growing. Paychecks are going up," says the ad's female narrator. "Senator Claire McCaskill said she’d support tax cuts for hard-working Missourians, but when she had the chance, she said no, voting against tax cuts for you."

McCaskill, a Democrat, is running for a third term in a state won handily by Republican President Donald Trump in 2016. Her campaign responded to the ad with a detailed fact-check, which says: "Try as they might, the Koch Brothers and their dark money front group, Americans for Prosperity, can’t change the facts: Claire worked hard to reach across the aisle for a bipartisan compromise on tax reform that would help small businesses create jobs and provide real tax relief for the middle class. She met with President Trump, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, and offered amendments during the markup process on the bill — but despite big talk from Republicans, Claire’s attempts at bipartisanship were completely rebuffed."

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