Trump: "So-Called Allies" Are Not Allies On Trade, We Are Going To Charge 'Reciprocal Tax'


President Donald Trump, in a meeting with state officials on his infrastructure initiative, makes remarks about trade with "so-called allies" and talks about a 'reciprocal tax' for those that "take advantage of the United States."

TRUMP: One of the things we're doing separate from this meeting, but it all sort of amounts to the same thing which is a reciprocal tax. We are going to charge countries outside of our country, countries that take advantage of the United States, some of them are our so-called allies but they're not allies on trade. They'll send in the product and we won't charge them anything. And we send them our product, the same product as they're sending us and they'll charge us 50- and 75% and that's very unfair. One example is Harley-Davidson, they're treated very unfairly in various countries, you know the countries I'm talking about. So we're going to be doing very much a reciprocal tax and you'll be hearing about that during the week and during the coming months.

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