Dem Rep. Frederica Wilson: Gen. John Kelly Has Lost Each One Of His "Stars" For Lying


REP. FREDERICA WILSON (D-FL): This is classic Kelly. He lied on me, and now he’s lying every day on the news. And the sad part about it is this is a four-star general, retired, who, I suppose, was an honorable man. And he wakes up every morning, watching TV, as each — he loses each one of those stars. Each one he has lost for lying. And he has gotten himself into a situation where the entire body of people surrounding him are willing to lie for the president of the United States. This is crazy. Why would he put his wonderful career on the line for Donald Trump, who will throw anyone under the bus and is just biding his time before he throws him under the bus?

People are not going to forget that he tried to take up for or defend a wife beater, someone who didn’t have a security clearance to work in the White House. And I believe the president knew too. I knew — I believe they all knew, months ago, that this gentleman beat up his wife, two of them, and it’s my understanding that a girlfriend came forward. I don’t think people will forget that and just move on. They’re going to continue to speak about it. Because that’s wrong, and it’s painful. And he has not even expressed one ounce of sympathy to those poor victims, who had the courage to come forward and tell of their experiences. And when you have a security clearance, the FBI questions you, and they know, and they say this gentleman didn’t pass his security clearance. So, why is he still there? Why are they protecting him? Because they don’t respect women.

(via Breitbart Video)

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