DACA Recipient: Democrats Using DREAMers As "Pawns"


Hilario Yanez, a DACA program recipient, in an interview this weekend on FOX & Friends said the leadership in the Democratic party is using people like him and DREAMers as "pawns."

Yanez also responded to the idea that Trump supporters did not sign up for a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers. He said President Trump, "one of the greatest presidents," and the Democrats should work together to create a fix through legislation. However, he said, Democrats are the ones refusing to work with Trump.

"President Trump is willing to work with Democrats but at the end the day it is the Democrats who don't want to work with him."

PETE HEGSETH, FOX & FRIENDS HOST: What do you make of the way Democrats have postured on this? Talking about DREAMers, saying they are their advocates but ultimately tying it to budget gimmicks and floor speeches.

HILARIO YANEZ, DACA RECIPIENT: Look, you know, three points I want to make about that. Number one is the Democratic leadership, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer really have no clear message, have been, you know, we have been confused. I think at the end of the day they have been using us as pawns.

The second point I want to bring in is they should have never shut down the government over DACA. We should have never held our American people and our military hostage. There is plenty of time on the table to fix this. March 5th is the deadline. And you can see Republicans already willing to do something about it as we speak.

And the last thing, point that I want to say is that look, Democrats, they owned all three branches of the government back in 2008 to 2011 and they still choose not to do anything. So at this point I am quite frustrated with the Democratic leadership.

Yanez said the results-oriented Trump should meet Democrats in the middle and come up with a pathway to citizenship "so that we can actually finally get something done immigration reform."

"At the end of the day, when I hear the national anthem I get goosebumps all over me. I always pledged allegiance to the flag and I would never disrespect it. I would never take a knee and I would do anything to serve this country, to die for this country, and all I need is a chance," he said.

HEGSETH: Powerful story. Sounds like it is the American dream. What do you say to the supporters of this president who say we just didn't sign up though for a pathway to citizenship. We didn't sign up for amnesty. He said famously in his State of the Union Americans are dreamers, too. What do you say to them?

YANEZ: Look, I think at the end of the day you are looking at a president that's all about results and it's all about -- at the end of the day, I think he needs to meet Democrats in the middle. And he is bringing this pathway to citizenship so that we can actually finally get something done immigration reform. At the end of the day in terms of legislation, you're probably looking at one of the greatest presidents to get things done. I mean, look at the tax cuts. He got that done. Now he's trying to do immigration reform. Now the next thing is infrastructure. So this guy, President Trump, is willing to work with Democrats but at the end the day it is the Democrats who don't want to work with him.

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