ABC's Matthew Dowd: Trump History As A Sexual Harasser, Rapist, Fraudster Enables People Like Rob Porter


ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd likened President Trump's "staff problem" with Chief of Staff John Kelly and Rob Porter to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Dowd said Trump blaming "management problems" is like Escobar blaming drug smugglers and dealers who worked for him.

On This Week, Dowd also said Trump's history of sexual harassment, rape, and fraud allegations "allows and enables" people like disgraced former White House staffer Rob Porter.

DOWD: To me, they all could be faulted -- General Kelly can be faulted. This goes back to the president of the United States. This is not a staff problem. This is not a management problem. That's like saying Pablo Escobar has a staff problem because drug smugglers and drug dealers worked for him. Donald Trump could not pass an FBI and background check or get security clearance if he worked as staff at the White House based on all his actions, based on 12 credible women that have accused him of sexual harassment, based upon his first wife who in her first divorce proceedings said she was raped by him, then recanted, based upon a guy that defraud thousands of people in a university situation. This is a guy, as president of the United States, who allows and enables this.

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