Luis Gutierrez: For Democrats, It's Always "Tomorrow" For DACA, "Party Before Principles"


MSNBC: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) tells NBC's Chuck Todd that Democrats are not moving fast enough on DACA legislation and the party is good at one word in Spanish: 'maƱana,' tomorrow.

Gutierrez said Democrats put "their party before their principles" when it comes to the immigrant community. While it's 'manana with Democrats, Gutierrez said it is 'nunca,' or never, with Republicans. From his Wednesday interview with Todd on MSNBC:

Gutierrez: Democrats are very good at Spanish; one word: manana -- tomorrow. Every time it comes to immigration policy and I can sit down with you and I can sit down with you for half an hour and I will give you ample examples of where the Democratic party, you know, they talk a great game. They talk about how they are there for immigrants, but when it counts and when it matters they usually put their party before their principles in terms of our immigrant community. And, Republicans, let's just say 'nunca,' never, ever. So how do you get people to have progress for our DREAMer community?

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