Don Lemon: Conservative Media Only Have Guests That Support Them, "Never Have A Dissenting Voice"


On Wednesday night, Don Lemon lambasted President Trump's "network of choice" (FOX News) and how conservative media stacks their panels with people who support them, adding "they never have a dissenting voice."

"It's really unbelievable," the CNN host said. "And many Americans believe the bull crap that they're spewing."

CNN's Ryan Lizza, whose suspension was recently lifted, told Lemon "it's very hard especially for partisans constantly looking for information to confirm their biases, which frankly that's human nature."

DON LEMON: I shouldn't give my idea away but there should be a network that is devoted to just going through the opening monologues of conservative media and fact checking them every single night to debunk. I watch and I can't believe this -- no one is fact checking, everyone is on the same page. They load the deck with people who support them, they never have a dissenting voice. It's really unbelievable. And many Americans believe the bull crap that they're spewing.

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