Chuck Todd: Trump Presidency Like "Living Inside A Parody," "Difficult To Take It Anymore"


'Meet the Press' host Chuck Todd runs down the latest in unbelievable Trump administration happenings, including fired WH aide Omarosa Manigault's comments about the president on 'Celebrity Big Brother' and the official White House response to Omarosa.

CHUCK TODD: I'm not going to go full Howard Beale here, but close. It feels like we have reached a level of crazy in this White House, and it is difficult to take it anymore.

Reality TV, tabloid gossip, conspiracy theories, name-calling, vulgarities, and a level of egomania few have ever seen in Washington -- and that is saying something!

It's like we're living inside a parody from three years ago, consider: 'What would happen if Donald Trump became president? Omarosa would probably work in the West Wing! And then she'd leave to go on Big Brother to dish about administration secrets! Ha ha!'

...Oh, wait. That actually happened. On Big Brother Celebrity Addition, airing tonight...

Let's leave aside the fact that Omarosa made those comments on a show named after George Orwell's dystopian surveillance state. Folks, we're not even surprised by this stuff anymore. Just think of all we've seen -- or endured -- in the last 13 months of this presidency. The Twitter battles with a rival nuclear power, members of his own party, the special counsel, TV hosts, the Gold Star widow, the Justice Department, mayors, senators, governors, our allies, and many in between.

How about the conspiracy theories? Obama wiretapped me, I won the popular vote, Russian meddling is a hoax, the deep state, and who knows, maybe the Access Hollywood tape is a fake too. The immorality, racist language about S***hole countries, the neo-Nazis, endorsing an accused child molester for U.S. Senate, the ego, the Dear Leader-style cabinet meetings, talk of a military parade, the inaugural crowd size, alternative facts, bragging about his election win all the time-- from the CIA memorial wall to the Boy Scout Jamboree.

How about the vulgarity? The White House communications director publicly accusing another White House advisor of trying to perform a sex act on himself. Other advisors constantly dishing about their own president, including a cabinet secretary reportedly calling him a moron.

How about the cliffhangers? Tune in next time to see what happens on NAFTA, staff shakeups, oval office recordings, talking to Mueller, a government shutdown, even nuclear war.

And then the tabloid fodder. Who's sleeping with who int he White House, his now-public affair with a porn star, allegedly paying her off to keep quiet. And now this week, WH staff secretary Rob Porter resigning after allegations surfaced --on a British gossip site no less-- of domestic abuse involving two ex-wives. And the WH statements defending him came from a press shop run by the woman he is reportedly dating.

All of this is the legacy of our country's first reality TV star president. Where everything is personal, and it is all about the show... It is a hell of a show. One for the ages. But it is no laughing matter. And is it any way to run a country?

And then there is the Republican Party watching it all happen. There are some wondering if there is any decency left in our American political system, they've allowed a reality TV star to turn Washington into a circus act.

... Folks, nobody should feel good about any of this, even if you are a Trump supporter, there is no time to get anything done. And there is no way the president can fulfill the promises to voters he made in this environment that he has created.

When he mentions Howard Beale, Chuck Todd is referring to the main character of the 1976 film Network, about a news anchor who gets mad:

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