Eric Holder: "My Kids Would Make A Better President Than Donald Trump"


In an interview with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Wednesday, former Attorney General Eric Holder said President Trump is "doing long-term harm" to the intelligence community, adding there will be an impact long after he is gone. When asked by the host if he would make a better president, Holder responded his kids would make a better president than Donald Trump.

"The real problem here is the president," Holder said. "The president going after named career people. The president saying things about the integrity of those two institutions, the Justice Department, the FBI. No other president has ever said those kinds of things, conducted himself in that and he's doing long-term harm to the reliability and integrity of the Justice Department and to the FBI. Long after he's gone, we will see the impact of these attacks."

"Would you make a better president? How is that? Pretty good the way I snuck that in there, right?" Maddow asked.

"Pretty good," he responded. "I think any one of my kids would make a better president than Donald Trump. But, you know, I think there are a number of people who would be a better president than the president we now have in the White House who has broken through those norms, conducted himself in a way that's inconsistent with what's best about this nation, you know, labeled people in very inappropriate ways, used inappropriate terms when talking about countries, turning his back on our immigrant heritage. Yeah, there are a number of people I think would be a better president than Donald Trump."

Maddow continued to press Holder on running for higher office.

"Are you going to think seriously about running this year, sir?" she asked.

"Well, I'm focusing on the NRDC with regard to redistricting, I'm focusing my efforts there. And I will make a decision at the end of this year what I want to do with regard to a higher office," Holder responded.

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