Adam Schiff: "Salacious" Parts Of Steele Dossier Were Not Shown To FISA Court


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, says that only parts of the Steele dossier that were pertinent to Carter Page were part of the FISA application.

CAMEROTA: There are a couple of headlines from the Nunes memo I want to bounce off of you. And I know that this is a challenge because until the president says you can release it, I know your rebuttal is classified. But this is out there. And I want you to respond to it as best you can. One is that the deputy director of the FBI, McCabe, testified before your committee in December of 2017 that no surveillance warrant, no FISA court -- to the FISA court would have been sought without the Steele dossier information. Is that true?

SCHIFF: That's a characterization that's not what Director McCabe or deputy director McCabe actually said. While I can't go into the details of what he said, essentially his argument was we look at this as a complete whole. All the parts of the application are important. That was the sum and substance of what he said.

The broader point, though, was that the only parts of the dossier that were important were those that pertained to Carter Page. And some of that was corroborated. We set this out in our responsive memo. So it's very important for people to understand, contrary to the misleading impression that the GOP gives, the salacious video and all that stuff, that was not part of the FISA application. Only the parts pertinent to Carter Page. And there was corroboration of some of those very important elements.

CAMEROTA: That's really helpful. So you're saying that the FISA court never saw the most salacious, uncorroborated stuff?

SCHIFF: That's exactly right. And we'll be releasing the transcript of our hearing last night, and you can see members making this argument, that unfortunately it's because they haven't read the underlying materials. So one of my colleagues, for example, said, well, we don't have evidence that Michael Cohen made a trip to Prague. This is also part of the dossier. But that Michael Cohen trip to Prague wasn't part of the materials provided to the FISA court. So it's very disingenuous to say the FISA court was misled because we don't believe Michael Cohen went to Prague when that information was never provided to the court.

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